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‘Oryol i Reshka’ visits Inner Sanctum, Hamburg

‘Oryol i Reshka is the Russian term for ‘Heads and Tails’ and the name of a Ukrainian travel series broadcast in the Russian language. Wikipedia explains the premise (and origin of the show’s title):

Oryol i Reshka is hosted by two co-hosts. In each episode, the show visits another location in the world for one weekend. One of the hosts (determined by a coin toss) receives a credit card with unlimited credit (in practice, this has been limited to US$30,000 per day), called the Gold Card, while the other has to spend the weekend with US$100 including all expenses.

Naturally, if you find yourself in one of the great European cities with a $30,000 daily spend and you don’t immediately seek out the finest latex boutique on offer then you are an utter disgrace! Thankfully, Oryol i Reshka didn’t drop the ball here, and so it was left to host Masha to visit Inner Sanctum Latex and find something for the weekend.

The show is wonderfully lighthearted and tongue-in-cheek, with Masha play-acting the naive but curious host, who perhaps gets the wrong idea about latex clothing.

We’ve uploaded our own copy to be able to include English subtitles (unfortunately it has automatically been flagged as Age Restricted so you may need to log into Dailymotion to see the video. Otherwise, you can watch the original without subtitles here.)


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Tartuffe by Molière

In Germany, a modern stage production of the comedy Tartuffe has been running which makes use of a wardrobe almost entirely of latex.

I’m not familiar with the play so can’t comment in terms of symbolism, but combined with the plastic hair it seems the intent was to etch out cartoon characters of a sort, dropping them into the minimalist void of the set design (indeed, I’m even reminded of the 90s band the Cartoons, with their fake hair and bright, solid colour suits!). Outfits for the play were made by fetish clothing company DeMasK.



tartuffe latex 1tartuffe latex (2)tartuffe latex (4)b


More pictures here.


Fall/Winter 2018 Fashion Collections

For years we’ve seen the occasional daring fashion house incorporate a bit of latex into their collections. It’s somewhat rarer to see those designs actually make the leap from the catwalk into wardrobes. This is not surprising, given that said latex is often included as part of highly conceptual or themed collections, designed more as artistic showpieces than wearable fashion.

The extreme example of this would be the Moschino Fall 2018 collection. Hoods and catsuits were employed for a full coverage fetish look, the idea being to strip away gender identity; the latex acting more like a ‘canvas’ of sorts for the designer’s own creations.


moschino-fall-2018-menswear-look-37 latex b


Nina Ricci’s collection from the same fall/winter period takes an altogether different tack, and incorporates latex into the kind of looks that even terrestrial beings from the year 2018 might be expected to wear as high fashion. Slippery, high gloss, skintight blacks give way to flowing, sumptuous, silky bronze and silvers. Instead of hoods and catsuits, there are capes, coats and skirts for integrating with other fabrics and textures – all topped off with details such as stitched seams and metal fasteners.








Watching the video above, we see latex amidst other smooth, reflective materials – such as silks and satins – and fitting right in. This is latex assuming its place as a material which designers can employ to convey luxury, sensuality and sophistication – just as well as they might use it to convey sex and fetishism in other designs, for other occasions.

And there is already at least one celebrity fan: Rita Ora, who has been snapped in New York having a Marilyn Monroe moment, with a latexy twist.




vanessa pur latex leggings

Vanessa Pur’s Latex Looks – Now in English

Vanessa Pur has been vlogging for several years now, and her style is taking sexy and bold materials – leather, PVC and latex – and mixing and matching them with lighter colours and fabrics to create classy lookbooks.

We shared some of her previous videos in a post here. Since that time, Vanessa has launched an English language channel and last week posted her first latex fashion look with English commentary – classic black leggings. Below that, Vanessa styles a pencil skirt, without commentary.




More latex looks to be found on Vanessa’s German language youtube channel.

tina karol the voice atsuko kudo latex

Tina Karol on The Voice Ukraine

Towards the end of 2017, Ukraine’s most famous singer, Tina Karol, appeared on various TV shows, in interviews, at events and performances wearing no less than six different latex outfits. It was as though Tina had gone on a shopping spree in Atsuko Kudo and couldn’t wait to show the world what she’d found. You can read our bumper post about Tina here.

Not even the great ambassadors for latex couture – the Lady Gaga’s, The Katy Perry’s, The Kardashian’s – not even they have worn so much latex in so short a time. After this all-out media assault in rubber you may think that Tina Karol would have hung up the latex for a while and given her skin some time to breathe.

Oh but you’d be wrong.




Latex passions die hard, and Tina was just getting warmed up.

From February through April, the Ukrainian version of The Voice aired its 8th series, on which Tina sat as one of the judges. Over these months, there were six studio recordings spanning fourteen episodes – and Tina wore a latex dress in every single one of them. 

We had to check whether Atsuko Kudo were official sponsors of The Voice that year!

We tracked down episodes of The Voice and edited together the highlights of each episode, showing off the best of each of Tina’s dresses. Even the edited highlights clock in at 40 minutes – that’s a lot of latex!


tina karol latex the voice

Skip to the following times to see the different outfits: #2 8:03, #3 19:07, #4 26:54, #5 28:11, #6 33:24. Image credits: @goloskrainy_official and @tinakarol_fantina



Special note to 26:54, where not only does Tina perform in her latex but she is also surrounded by four dancers in black catsuits! That’s a lot of latex! – Have we said that already?