WearLatex aims to keep you updated about the latex clothing world, highlighting the latest fashions, sharing news of latex featured in the mass media, and shining a spotlight on the newest designs from the best latex designers.


Latex Clothing Search

The Latex Clothing Search engine is a custom search engine which searches 300+ latex designers and resellers for their items. Just enter the item you’re looking for, e.g. ‘pencil skirt’ and the search engine will comb google for shops selling that item, and filter out everything else.

Vendor A-Z (coming soon!)

The Vendor A-Z is a searchable database of every latex designer and reseller. Sellers can be searched and filtered based on different criteria, e.g. country, brick-and-mortar presence, or whether they carry men’s or women’s latex or both. You can also search by keyword, e.g. ‘London’, ‘chlorinated’, ‘bespoke’, etc.


With over 300 latex clothing vendors it can be a tall order keeping on top of current discounts and promotions, short of subscribing to hundreds of mailing lists or following hundreds of designers via social media. Not very practical! WearLatex aims to help by collecting as many current offers as possible in one place with regular updates.