Latex Leggings

Latex leggings are a great way to introduce some latex into your wardrobe, whether you’re a first-timer curious about the material, or simply looking for the kind of latex fashion item that can give an edge to your style.


Maïa by Ricchy-c

Mary D Model in Amy Grey Latex katerina piglet kay morgan latex leggings

Top: Maïa by Ricchy; Left-to-right: Mary D Model, Katerina Piglet, Kay Morgan


Wet-look leggings or bottoms are already in vogue and have been for some time, usually made of faux leather (pleather, PU leather, etc.), nylon, polyester, spandex, vinyl or a combination thereof. Just take a look at the array of slick bottoms on offer from Topshop alone.

Consider latex as another option in this fashion movement, if slightly more avant-garde. This clear line which can be drawn from the wet-look mainstream fashion trend to latex leggings makes them less likely to raise eyebrows than, for example, an entire latex dress, and therefore a good opportunity to wear latex out and about in more regular settings.


nickyalicia_latex leggings

lara larsen latex leggings badm3l latex leggigns danisbodystyle - latex leggings

Top: blogger Nicky Alicia; Left-to-right: fetish model Lara Larsen, bloggers Badm3l and danisbodystyle 


We think mixing and matching items of latex with other fabrics and patterns is one of the classiest ways of introducing some latex into your everyday style, and latex leggings are ideal for this as they can be paired with most things for a variety of looks. Try contrasting the smooth and reflective leggings with textures that have the opposite effect, like soft furs, or with looser garments which contrast the skin tight latex look with something light and flowing.


Larum Photography2

rafaela_salvadori - BB45lkBzQIV nicoline hansen (2) latexperiment leggings blouse

Top: Larum Photography; Left-to-right: Actress Rafaela Salvadori, Nicoline Hansen Latex, Ankha Van Ayken by Latexperiment


Such is their versatility that depending on what they’re paired with they can be used for dressing up or down. The resulting image can be anything from casual, smart, chic, rock, or performance.


bella_isadora_official - casual latex leggings

Larum Photography alexandra potter Leonor Andrade

Top: model Bella Isadora; Left-to-right: Larum Photography, Alexandra Potter by Latexperiment, and Leonor Andrade performing for Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Final 2015.


As ever, celebs can be relied on for spearheading latex trends thanks to their bold fashion statements…


kim kardashian atsuko kudo latex leggings

hayley williams by florian gilbon (6) Sophia_thomalla_intouch awards latex leggings paloma-faith-performs-in-latex-camden-roundhouse-may-2014_4

Top: Kim Kardashian in Atsuko Kudo; Left-to-right: Haley Williams performing with her group Paramore, Sophia Tomalla at the InTouch awards 2016, and Paloma Faith wearing William Wilde at Camden Roundhouse,


…and hot on their heels, the fashion bloggers…



ricci tauscher latex leggings (3) ricci tauscher latex leggings (2) So Versailles

Top: blogger ‘annesfashionlove’ showing one of her lookbooks; Left-to-right: Ricci Tauscher demonstrating sporty and dressy looks courtesy of Simon O latex, and fashion blogger ‘So Verseilles’ inspired by Kim Kardashian in her choice of leggings; Bottom: vlogger Vanessa Pur showing off the AK leggings in motion


Where to buy latex leggings?

Latex leggings are such a staple that they can be bought from nearly every latex designer, from the biggest companies to the individual producer.

High fashion labels like Atsuko Kudo and William Wilde do their own latex leggings.

Fetish-fashion outfitters such as Libidex, Westward Bound, House of Harlot or Simon O also do leggings as par for the course. Simon O in particular are worth mentioning as something of a leggings specialist, offering a wide range of designs and styles which can be heavily customised with various options, zips, text applique and so on.

Smaller companies like Catalyst Latex and Signature Latex all have their own take on leggings. Catalyst Latex, for example, treat their latex in a process known as chlorination which alters the chemical structure of the rubber making them easier to slip into. Signature Latex offer various options on their leggings, like zips, attached feet, etc.


william wilde lolita leggings

alex_mueller-simon o latex leggings-b louisa_johnson_so-good_latex signature latex leggings

Top: William Wilde ‘Lolita leggings’; Left-to-right: Simon O, Louisa Johnson wearing House of Harlot lace-up leggings, Signature Latex


Hit up Etsy or DaWanda for a whole load of artisans producing tailored latex with care and passion from out of the home. Their latex is often competitively priced, the quality of the highest standard, and sometimes offers unique patterns, textures, etc.



zorenko latex leggings nightshade_i_by_laura_sheridan-d6587qs LockstoffLatex leggings

Top: Miss Grey Latex; Left-to-right: Zorenko, Essential Latex, and Lockstoff Latex.


But trust me when I say this is just scratching the surface. There are hundreds of latex fashion designers and most of them probably do some form of leggings. If you really want to explore your options I recommend trying the Latex Search Engine. Select your region from the tabs, and explore.

And if you are new to latex, a final word of warning: latex, especially when skin tight like leggings, demands preparation and patience to dress comfortably. The video below, although in German, demonstrates this aspect of latex in a fun way. We think the results are more than worth the struggle, although we might be slightly biased.


hanger season 7 latex (12)b

Hanger’s Season 7 collection

These images belong to the lookbook for Hanger‘s new ‘Season 7’ or ‘Spring Demon’ collection.


hanger season 7 latex (8)


The obvious Japanese influence which permeates the Hanger brand as a whole is brought to the fore here, with the demon motif and Japanese lettering. I especially like how the high-res images allow seeing the detail on the appliqué.


hanger season 7 latex (11)b


Hanger was one of the winners of the ASOS fashion discovery award. Do we dare imagine in the near future seeing images such as these on a mainstream internet fashion retailer?

What sticks out about Hanger is their emphasis on latex as an eco-friendly material. Being 100% natural, latex is sustainable and renewable, and more environmentally friendly than conventional cotton farming. As consumers become increasingly green-aware perhaps more latex designers will begin using this as an attractive selling point. Could it even be an additional factor which encourages the eco-conscious to give latex a try? The reasons to wear latex are mounting… not that we needed any excuses, of course.


hanger season 7 latex (0)b

hanger season 7 latex (1)b

helenteiman - BSstLzugEAC

Amentium latex on dating show Take Me Out

Helen Teiman is the designer behind Liverpool based Amentium, distinctive for its detailed lasercut patterned latex clothing. She was also recently a contestant on the ITV dating show Take Me Out. The show is prime time weekend TV in the UK, and the perfect opportunity to gain some exposure for her fashion brand by dazzling in latex under the studio lights. In subsequent interviews, Helen has even admitted that she took part in the show solely for this reason, with the intent to avoid a date and step out in a different latex outfit each week while the series ran its course over 10 episodes.



At least, that was the gameplan. But two episodes in and she ended up dancing her way to a date with Ricardo in the clip above. Oops! Nevertheless, getting a date allowed Helen to show off her latex creations even more since she and Ricardo were whisked off to an island getaway and given plenty more screen time. In the video below Helen hits the clubs wearing one of her creations:


Perhaps the real success is that her unintended date with Ricardo has since developed into a relationship. Sometime later, the contestants reunited to update us on how things proceeded following their date, Helen again wearing another of her dresses:


Following her Take Me Out appearance, Helen has been afforded newspaper articles and interviews with the online and print editions of Liverpool Echo. The articles offer interesting insights into Amentium, such as Helen’s design inspirations and the possibility of a male clothing range on the horizon (Ricardo seems keen to be her first model!).

Good luck to Helen and the continued success of her brand.

Now let’s have a closer look at that outfit she wore in her dance off. Video courtesy of LatexfashionTV:

dead lotus couture little blonculus

“Little Blonculus” by Dead Lotus Couture

Dead Lotus Couture are one of those latex labels with a highly distinct aesthetic, distilled right down to the wonderful name itself.

In this promisingly named “Nange’s cabinet of curious critters EP01 – Little Blonculus” we get a good glimpse of the Dead Lotus Couture fusion of art, video, fantasy and sci-fi influences, coalescing into an aesthetic with a unique kind of latex fashion front and centre.



Looking forward to EP02!

Fantastic Rubber tour

A tour of Fantastic Rubber

Fantastic Rubber are one of the top latex brands, famous primarily for their superlative catsuits. So it’s a pleasure to see this guided tour of their factory in Berlin, getting a behind the scenes glimpse of where the magic happens in a professional latex clothing operation. Bonus: one of our tour guides for today will be modelling one of said catsuits.



This reminded me of a visit I once paid to the Studio Ghibli museum of animation in Tokyo. The museum was laid out into separate rooms, each room devoted to a different part of the animation process. Seeing the work divided up like that, being able to better understand all of the stages it goes through, allowed me to appreciate the finished articles that much more.

So, any takers for creating the first latex museum? Catsuited tour guides a welcome bonus.