Xmas deals round up

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Abigail Greydanus – 10% off through her Etsy store – use code: special10

Amentium – 20% christmas discount – laser cut patterned designs, use code: XMAS20

Chaos Latex – 30% off orders over $100 – large collection of dresses amongst other items, use code: WINTER2016

Elissa Poppy – 20% off – latex/lace lingerie, use code: DECEMBER20

Guwi.de – 20% Christmas sale – nightwear and fetish clothing, use code: 9680938

Honour – 20% off – ends midnight 3rd Jan

Kink Engineering – 20% off until new year – hoods and fetish gear

Latex101 – 20% off – lots of textured and marbled latex options

Libidex – up to 50% off made-to-order items

Latex Epicentre clearance – catsuits £99, mini dresses £49, postage free

Latex Nemesis – 20% off – top quality hoods and rubber fetish gear

Prong Jewellery – up to 50% off – rubber jewellery

Westward Bound 40% off orders over £100 – 26th and 27th December only, use code: BOXME40

Yummy Gummy eBay store clearance


More details in the individual posts below. Happy Christmas!

Latex Nemesis – 20% off end of year sale

Latex Nemesis (USA) Top quality hood maker as well as supplier of rubber fetish gear. 20% off everything, 30-40% off imperfect hoods. Ends New Year.

Latex101 – 20% off store-wide

Latex101 (UK) are a Scotland-based latex designer with one of the largest men’s latex ranges as well as womenswear. Many items are also available in ultra cool textured or marbled latex. 20% of store-wide, end date unknown.

Yummy Gummy Latex – up to 50% off clothing and sheeting on Boxing Day

Yummy Gummy Latex (UK) have announced that a Boxing Day sale will take place on their eBay store. Discounts will be either 25% or 50% off depending on the item. Do keep an eye out for this because it’s for one day only, and judging by past years’ sales they have assured that items will sell out quickly!

Elissa Poppy – 20% off

Elissa Poppy (UK) creates luxurious lingerie that uses latex to a lace-like effect, an innovation that recently earned Elissa Poppy the ASOS Fashion Discovery award. 20% off all orders and free worldwide delivery for orders over £200 until the end of December.



Chaos Latex – 30% off orders over $100

Chaos Latex is US based and their range offers a lot of elegant and original dresses, including latex/lace combos, mesh latex, and quirky designs like the below octopus dress. 30% off orders over $100. Use code: WINTER2016.


Hera Lace Gown

Hera Lace Mini Hera Lace Mini Hera Lace Gown

Dragonfly Mini Dress Dragonfly Mini Dress 2 Dragonfly Mini Dress 3

Ursula Tentacle Gown

Latexcrazy – 12% Christmas discount

Latexcrazy (Germany) – 12% off store wide. Latexcrazy have large men’s and women’s ranges and their prices include made-to-measure and chlorination (if desired). Expires Dec 15th.

Amentium – 20% christmas discount

Amentium (UK) offering 20% off for the festive season using CODE: XMAS20.

Amentium’s designs feature eye-catching intricate laser-cut patterns. This sale also celebrates the launch of the new iLLUSION collection.

Raezor Latex – Sample Sale

Raezor Latex (CAN) are posting discounted sample items on their Etsy store. Styles include interesting print and appliqué patterns, like the below “Python” shorts:

raezor latex

Guwi.de – 20% Christmas sale

Guwi (Germany) offer a looser, flowing style of rubber fetish clothing, including lots of bedwear & outerwear, as well as more regular items such as a dresses. Use CODE: 9680938

Latex Epicentre clearance – catsuits £99, mini dresses £49, postage free

Via their eBay store, Latex Epicentre (UK) are having a clearance sale which includes classic front-zip catsuits, male and female, in several colours for £99 including postage.

Also on offer are long sleeve mini dresses for £49, available in 3 different colour sets as well as 2 transparent options.

Other items also available while stock remains.

Black Friday round up

Grey text signifies the sale has finished.

Blacklickorish Latex – 30% off, Black Friday to Cyber Monday, CODE: BLACK
Bondinage – 20% off anything black, 25th November only, CODE: Blackinage16
Chez Noir – 20% latex for Black Friday
Dawnamatrix – 20% off, Black Friday to Cyber Monday, CODE: THANKS2016
Elissa Poppy – 25% off on Black Friday and smaller discounts towards Monday, see website for codes
Essential Latex – 35% off, till 30th November, CODE: BlackFriCyberMon
Eustratia – 25% off on Black Friday and smaller discounts towards Monday, see here for codes
Honour – up to 50% off latex, Black Friday only
Into-Latex – various discounts, till 27th November
Kink Engineering – up to 30% off, 25th to 28th November
latex.shop.pl – 20% off, 24th-26th November, CODE: BLACK#%%20
Latexandlovers – eBay auctions potentially cheaper than their usual store prices
Latex Nemesis – 20-50% off in-stock items, 25-28th November
Meat Clothing – 20% off everything, ends midnight Monday, CODE: blackfriday
Mico Couture – 33% off all accessories, Black Friday-Cyber Monday
Prong Jewellery – 40% off, 24th-25th November
Renee Masoomian – 20% off, Black Friday to Cyber monday, CODE: BF-CM2016
Sasha Louise – up to 70% off sample pieces and 40% off made-to-order, end date unknown
Shhh! Couture Latex –  20% off all weekend, CODE: weekendsale
Torturegarden – 20% off, 25th November only, CODE: Blackisblack
Tres Bonjour – up to 40% off, Friday through Sunday
Vex Clothing – 30% off and smaller discounts later, 25th-28th November
Vital Vein – 25% off over the weekend CODE: WKND25, 20% on Cyber Monday CODE: CYBER20
Mad Duck Designs – 60 EUR off catsuits, Black Friday only

Vex Clothing – 30% off for Black Friday

Vex Clothing (USA) will be having a 30% discount on Black Friday and smaller discounts towards Cyber Monday. See their website for the various discount codes.

Essential Latex – 35% off store wide

Essential Latex (UK) are having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale on their store. All items 35% off. Use code: BlackFriCyberMon, valid until November 30th.

Fetasia Latex – Pre Christmas Sale

Fetasia Latex (UK) are running up to 40% off items in the Sale section of their Etsy store. The section will be updated with new items for the next month so it’s worth checking back.

fetasia latex

Love Penny Plane – 35% discount

Love Penny Plane is a UK designer mostly showcasing light colours and girly, sometimes even cutesy designs (check out the Hello Kitty set!). In their words: “a wonderful yet confusing blend of cute and cuddly, seductive and provocative and even at times, dirty and frightening”.

For November they’re running a 35% off sale, use code LPPBLACK:

lovepennyplane.com / Etsy store / eBay store


Adala Clothing – 50% off sample sale

storm trooper catsuit adala

This is a great excuse to post this amazing recreation of the iconic Star Wars moment when Han Solo is frozen in carbon, here the carbon replaced by a latex vacuum bed! But it’s the incredible Storm Trooper Catsuit which is the item for sale here, part of a 50% off sample sale which includes cosplay items and other latex. Use code: WOW50

Adala Clothing (Canada) Etsy Store