Fall/Winter 2018 Fashion Collections

For years we’ve seen the occasional daring fashion house incorporate a bit of latex into their collections. It’s somewhat rarer to see those designs actually make the leap from the catwalk into wardrobes. This is not surprising, given that said latex is often included as part of highly conceptual or themed collections, designed more as artistic showpieces than wearable fashion.

The extreme example of this would be the Moschino Fall 2018 collection. Hoods and catsuits were employed for a full coverage fetish look, the idea being to strip away gender identity; the latex acting more like a ‘canvas’ of sorts for the designer’s own creations.


moschino-fall-2018-menswear-look-37 latex b


Nina Ricci’s collection from the same fall/winter period takes an altogether different tack, and incorporates latex into the kind of looks that even terrestrial beings from the year 2018 might be expected to wear as high fashion. Slippery, high gloss, skintight blacks give way to flowing, sumptuous, silky bronze and silvers. Instead of hoods and catsuits, there are capes, coats and skirts for integrating with other fabrics and textures – all topped off with details such as stitched seams and metal fasteners.








Watching the video above, we see latex amidst other smooth, reflective materials – such as silks and satins – and fitting right in. This is latex assuming its place as a material which designers can employ to convey luxury, sensuality and sophistication – just as well as they might use it to convey sex and fetishism in other designs, for other occasions.

And there is already at least one celebrity fan: Rita Ora, who has been snapped in New York having a Marilyn Monroe moment, with a latexy twist.