Shopping for latex – New page launch!

For a long time, we’ve had a WearLatex Instagram page, though we never posted to it once. The reason being we didn’t really know how to use it in a way that offered something new; we don’t produce our own imagery, and there are already accounts out there which regram and repost pictures of models and celebs wearing latex, sometimes from a fashion angle.

The answer came when we discovered the application Snapppt, an Instagram plugin which essentially converts an Instagram feed into a shop window. When you click on an image, it pops up with an overlay containing product information and imagery of any pictured item which is for sale. And, crucially, a link is provided to the webshop where the item can be bought.


latex shopping


Whilst we do not sell latex clothing or have our own webshop, we realised we could use this as a discovery platform; a way of sharing our favourite designers and their creations, hopefully inspiring and introducing latex buyers to something new and extraordinary.

Take a look

WearLatex was originally set up not just to share sexy imagery of latex, but as a tool to aid people in the actual buying and wearing of latex themselves. Hence the pride we take in our Latex Clothing Search Engine and Deals pages. With Instagram and Snapppt we hope to add another useful tool to aid experienced and new latex buyers alike find something special.

In all cases we will provide a link to the web store of the original designer, and will credit any photographers and models where this is known. If you wish for your work not to be featured, please contact us and it will be removed.