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Black Friday deals for November 2017

This post will be edited as more offers become known:


Adala Clothing (CAN)

Cosplay and fashion

30% off (End date unknown)


Amentium (UK)

Latex fashion with distinctive laser-cut patterns

50% off (Friday 24th through Sunday 26th) – Use Code: blackfriday50


The Baroness (USA)


20% off and free shipping (Thursday 23rd through Monday 27th)


Blacklickorish Latex (USA)

Latex couture, from retro style to upscale glamour

Discount amount and end date unknown – Use Code: BLACK


Bondinage (UK)

Bondage inspired fetish-fashion

20% off anything in black or black with colour trim (Thursday 23rd & Friday 24th) – Use Code: BLACKINAGE17


Catalyst Latex (UK)

Specialists in chlorinated easy-on latex, tailored and produced like ordinary clothes – ‘real clothes in rubber’

63 auctions starting from 99p


Cathouse Clothing (UK)

Alternative fashion from uniquely patterned latex, such as laser-cut lace, finely detailed textures, animal prints and other patterns

Free worldwide shipping (Friday 24th through Monday 27th)


Chez Noir (CAN)

Adult store, reseller of moulded latex fetish wear basics

20% off (Friday 24th through Monday 27th) – Use Code: BLACKFRIDAY


Chronomatic (GER)

Minimalist ‘dark futuristic’ latex couture

Up to 40% off on select items (until 1st December)


CocoLate (ESP)

Latex couture and luxury fetish-fashion

20% off all orders over 50EUR (Friday 24th through Sunday 26th)


cocolate latex


E7 Gear (USA)

Men’s fetish gear and clothing from heavier gauge (0.55mm) latex

20% off select items (End date unknown)


Elissa Poppy (UK)

Luxury latex lingerie, employing a combination of latex and guipure lace

25% off (Friday 24th through Sunday 26th) – Use Code: LATEXLUST


Eustratia (UK)

Alternative fashion

30% off (Friday 24th) / 25% off (Saturday 25th through Sunday 26th) / 20% off (Monday 27th)


Honour (UK)

Fetish store with in-house latex range, including fashion

Lots of different deals, up to 60% off (November)


House of CB (UK)

High street store with in-house latex dresses

Up to 50% off, applies to some of House of CBs most popular latex dresses (End date unknown)


House of Harlot (UK)

Fetish-fashion and couture

20% off (Friday 24th) – Use Code: hohbf2k17


Into-Latex (UK)

Men’s latex specialist, fetish, fashion, sportswear, uniforms and more

Various discounts, up to 25% off (Sale on now, end date unknown)


Jane Doe (USA)

Alternative & fetish-fashion

20% off orders over $100 (End date unknown) – Use Code: BLACK20


jane doe latex (1)


Kink Engineering (CAN)

Specialists in vacuum beds and other latex bondage; also hoods, bedding, inflatable accessories, sheeting and crafting supplies

25% off (Friday 24th) / 20% off (Saturday 25th through Monday 27th) – Automatic discount at checkout


Lacing Lilith (UK)

Latex fashion ‘with a punk-rock sensibility’

15% off (Friday 24th through Sunday 26th)


Latex.Shop.Pl (POL)

Alternative fashion

40% orders made via bank transfer (Friday 24th)


Latex Crazy (GER)

Large range of latex clothing covering fashion, casual, and fetish styles, crafted using uniquely patterned in-house latex sheeting

12% off (Friday 24th) – Use Code: Latex-Friday


Latex Nemesis (USA)

Hoods specialist, also corsets and bondage gear

25% off in-stock items (Friday 24th through Monday 27th)


Libidex (UK)

Fetish-fashion latex wear with large ranges for men and women, made-to-measure and off-the-peg

30% off (Sale on now through Monday 27th)


Licky Latex (SWE)

Ready-to-ship hoods, latex basics and fashion

10% off select items (Friday 24th through Sunday 26th)


Love Penny Plane (UK)

Cutesy kink

35% off (Thursday 23rd through Saturday 25th) – Use Code: BLACKOUT




Lüllepop (GER)

Elegant garments which combine latex with other fabrics such as lace, chiffon and spandex

Up to 30% off (Friday 24th until Friday 1st)


Mad Duck Designs (AT)

Custom catsuit specialist

100EUR discount on black catsuits (Friday 24th)


Meat Clothing (UK)

Provocative urban styles

20% off (Black Friday) – Use Code: BLACKFRIDAY


Mico Couture (UK)

Fashion and wide choice of accessories

Up to 40% off accessories, 10% off made-to-measure garments (End date unknown)


MKL Couture (CAN)

Hoods and accessories specialist

Free shipping on all hoods (Friday 24th through Monday 27th)


Nimue’s Latex (USA)

Cosplay and fashion

20% off all dresses (Now through December 1st)


Northbound Leather (CAN)

Reseller of Polymorph, and moulded latex fetish clothing

Up to 25% off gift cards (Friday 24th through Sunday 26th)


Polymorph (CAN)

Clothing and sheet manufacturer; fashion, fetish, cosplay and more

25% off (Friday 24th) – Use Code: BLKFRIPOL2017


Prong Jewellery (UK)

Rubber jewellery

40% off (Friday 24th) – discount applied at checkout


Rub Clothing (UK)

Everyday latex menswear

20% off (for one week starting Friday 24th) – Use Code: BLACK17


Signature Latex (UK)

Latex fashion, dresses, gowns and catsuits

20% off new additions to their collection (Until end of December)


Twist My Rubber Arm (CAN)

Fetish clothing (moulded and glued) and equipment

25% off (Sale on now, end date unknown)


Vex Clothing (USA)

Latex couture

30% off (Wednesday 22nd through Sunday 26th) / 20% off (Monday 27th) – Use Code: GIMMELATEX (22nd-26th) / VEXMEUP (27th)


Westward Bound (UK)

Latex fetish-fashion

40% off (Friday 24th through Saturday 25th) – Use Code: XM40


Yummy Gummy Latex (UK)

Latex fashion made from unique latex sheeting, such as glitter, marble effect, and patterned and textured latex

20% off (Friday 24th through Monday 27th) – Use Code: BLACKFRIDAY


Zorenko (UK)

Luxury latex fashion

25% off (Friday 24th)