Gwen Stefani, and the ubiquitous Syren Latex Garbo blouse

Just a few days after writing about Jhené Aiko appearing in her Maniac video wearing Syren’s Garbo blouse, I find out Gwen Stefani filmed a promotion for Ex Eyewear wearing not one but two variants of the same top, surely confirming this as one of the more popular latex designs out there. And small wonder: combining figure hugging and loose, flowing latex in one garment, the Garbo blouse shows off all of the wonderful properties of the material together. Not just its smooth flawless surface, how it clings to and reveals the form of the wearer underneath, reflecting and glistening under light; but also its weight, how it falls and folds, and the unique rustle as it does so. Irresistible!


gwen_stefani_glasses_syren gwen_stefani_glasses_syren5

gwen_stefani_glasses_syren4 gwen_stefani_glasses_syren3


Wearing the same design as somebody else doesn’t have to be a fashion faux pas when it comes to latex, as it can be made bespoke in almost any colour you desire. Here are the various photo shoots and videos I know about, showing just a handful of the possible variants of this blouse:



Sophie Lie photographed for Galore Mag


Jhené Aiko - maniac - syren2

Jhené Aiko promo shots for her music video Maniac


danielle-herrington_fashion-gone-rogue_juco photo3

Danielle Herrington by Juco Photo for Fashion Gone Rogue


selena gomez-bad blood-syren garbo blouse selena gomez-bad blood-syren garbo blouse2


Selena Gomez in Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video wearing this transparent black variant


bjork - syren

Bjork in promo shots for her album Vulnicura


As you can see for yourself on Syren’s store, the colours shown here only scratch the surface. What colour would you pick? Anyone who’s bought latex clothing before knows that the more than ample choice of colours, secondary colours and further options and customizations can be agonising! Especially when they all look so good. Of course, if money’s no object you can always solve this problem a la Gwen Stefani: buy several!