Latex in Westworld

If you’re keeping up with current HBO series Westworld you can’t fail to have noticed the full-length white gowns, topped with red/clear apron and red sleeve protectors worn by the lab technicians Felix and Sylvester. The whole entirely latex ensemble is surely as eye-catching as it is blood splatter proof.

Leonardo Nam and Ptolemy Slocum, the actors who play the lab technicians, have given an interview to The Hollywood Reporter where they were asked, first and foremost, about their on screen uniforms:

HR: Let’s start with the most important matter at hand: the lab tech uniform. How uncomfortable is the costume, Ptolemy?

Slocum: It’s actually absolutely fantastic. It’s way better than it looks. From what I know about it, it was designed by a latex shop. It’s not some random design. It’s a very human design. And there are no zippers, no latches, nothing. It’s all magnets. When you slip it on, you can basically throw it and it catches onto itself. It’s like wearing the future. It feels very cool and weird and has this human skin feel to it, and this weight to it. I actually loved it.

Nam: It’s like putting on a second skin. That latex is so malleable. It sticks right to your skin. I loved it. The magnet part was very cool. It’s all held together by magnets.

There you have it, they absolutely loved wearing them! Of course, their experience echoes those who have tried latex before. We love it for feeling like a second skin, sticking to us and moulding to our shape. For feeling cool and weird. For it being in some way futuristic; larger than life.

No surprises the production contracted a professional latex outfitter to do the work (Syren). But what especially interests me is the method of using magnets as fasteners, a technique I’ve never heard of in latex clothing before. Latex designers are endlessly innovating so it wouldn’t surprise me to see this one make its way over to more wearable and fashion oriented latex clothing. And that really would be like wearing the future.