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Olya Polyakova – League of Laughter

Ukraine has been an unexpected hot spot of latex fashion news in recent months, kicked off by Tina Karol wearing several latex outfits to at least five different events and TV appearances. Check our full post here.

Since then, Tina’s top rival for Ukraine’s annual ‘Most Beautiful Woman Award’, Olya Polyakova, has seemingly been inspired by her compatriot and fellow singer to also experiment with rubber wear in a number of high profile appearances.

In February, it was in attendance at the aforementioned award show by Viva! magazine, where Olya went on to take the crown:


olya polyakova latex


It would be a great shame to waist such a dress on a mere red carpet photo opportunity, and so Olya took part in the comedy competition show League of Laughter wearing the same dress for the first episodes, broadcast in March.

That’s not all though: for the most recent episodes Olya played a main role in some of the sketches on stage, and that called for some latex outfits which were even more attention-grabbing: first, a unitard in shocking pink, and afterwards a racy policewoman costume! See all of Olya’s outfits in the video below:



There are parallels once again with Tina Karol, as Tina also played a role in the same series, which was also one of her first TV appearances in latex. We wonder if Olya will take her latex affair yet further. In the meantime, we haven’t heard the last of Tina Karol and latex. Expect another update to follow!