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Rosamund Pike at TIFF 2018

Attention latex trend spotters! We interrupt your usual scheduled programming of A Kardashian in a Tight Rubber Dress to bring you this report, just in, of someone who doesn’t usually wear latex doing something not usually done with latex.

Rosamund Pike attended the Toronto International Film Festival and wore this flowing, rather gentle looking pink maxi skirt, contrasted with a fringed top of Swarovski crystal. The whole effect is rather soft and feminine, and another new style to add to the latex red carpet ‘lookbooks’.




This ensemble appeared in Givenchy’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Perhaps it signals the potential for latex to be “the new leather”: A daring and visually striking material, which can be mixed and matched with other textures to create intriguing contrasts and sophisticated, stylish looks. First the runway. Then the red carpet. Next, the high street?

Latex already made it to the high street, of course: just look to House of CB. But we’re wondering if we may see even more styles beyond the sexy figure-hugging dresses. Don’t get us wrong: a skintight latex dress will always have a special place in our hearts. We simply think that latex is capable of even more.

Let’s also remind ourselves that latex achieves the glossy, wet look effect of leather or vinyl, as well as the smooth texture, without using neither animal skins nor the heavy pollutants involved in the manufacture of faux leather (PU leather) or PVC. Instead, latex is a natural, sustainable substance sourced from trees.

In our increasingly eco-conscious society, that may just make all the difference in Latex’s potential to storm the fashion world – so long as the designers continue to innovate.


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