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Amentium latex on dating show Take Me Out

Helen Teiman is the designer behind Liverpool based Amentium, distinctive for its detailed lasercut patterned latex clothing. She was also recently a contestant on the ITV dating show Take Me Out. The show is prime time weekend TV in the UK, and the perfect opportunity to gain some exposure for her fashion brand by dazzling in latex under the studio lights. In subsequent interviews, Helen has even admitted that she took part in the show solely for this reason, with the intent to avoid a date and step out in a different latex outfit each week while the series ran its course over 10 episodes.



At least, that was the gameplan. But two episodes in and she ended up dancing her way to a date with Ricardo in the clip above. Oops! Nevertheless, getting a date allowed Helen to show off her latex creations even more since she and Ricardo were whisked off to an island getaway and given plenty more screen time. In the video below Helen hits the clubs wearing one of her creations:


Perhaps the real success is that her unintended date with Ricardo has since developed into a relationship. Sometime later, the contestants reunited to update us on how things proceeded following their date, Helen again wearing another of her dresses:


Following her Take Me Out appearance, Helen has been afforded newspaper articles and interviews with the online and print editions of Liverpool Echo. The articles offer interesting insights into Amentium, such as Helen’s design inspirations and the possibility of a male clothing range on the horizon (Ricardo seems keen to be her first model!).

Good luck to Helen and the continued success of her brand.

Now let’s have a closer look at that outfit she wore in her dance off. Video courtesy of LatexfashionTV: