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Hanger’s Season 7 collection

These images belong to the lookbook for Hanger‘s new ‘Season 7’ or ‘Spring Demon’ collection.


hanger season 7 latex (8)


The obvious Japanese influence which permeates the Hanger brand as a whole is brought to the fore here, with the demon motif and Japanese lettering. I especially like how the high-res images allow seeing the detail on the appliqué.


hanger season 7 latex (11)b


Hanger was one of the winners of the ASOS fashion discovery award. Do we dare imagine in the near future seeing images such as these on a mainstream internet fashion retailer?

What sticks out about Hanger is their emphasis on latex as an eco-friendly material. Being 100% natural, latex is sustainable and renewable, and more environmentally friendly than conventional cotton farming. As consumers become increasingly green-aware perhaps more latex designers will begin using this as an attractive selling point. Could it even be an additional factor which encourages the eco-conscious to give latex a try? The reasons to wear latex are mounting… not that we needed any excuses, of course.


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