LADY-GAGA queen latex

Another Billboard article: Stars are making latex mainstream

Billboard has followed up their interview with Dawnamatrix with a second article on the subject of latex clothing.

Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rita Ora & Other Stars Are Making Once-Transgressive Latex Mainstream

This second article is a more in-depth exploration of the notion of latex entering into the mainstream, tracing its trajectory from fetish through music videos to high fashion.

Much is made of the material becoming fashionable due to its transgressive and aesthetic aspects, but besides a brief mention of latex clothing being a unique sensory experience I can’t help wondering if the sensual, transformative and empowering qualities of latex are overlooked. I think it is partly these qualities which cause a given celebrity to return to the material again and again. After all, just how transgressive can we expect it to be after seeing the same person wearing it for the umpteenth time?

In any case, I agree with the article’s conclusion that latex is unlikely to enter the mainstream in a way such as leather or vinyl has. Latex’s demand for patience, preparation, ritual and care, not to mention its cost prohibit it from becoming as widely popular as those above materials. The exacting nature of latex will keep it on the fringes of the mainstream: never to be over-exposed, always novel and therefore always potentially fashionable. The very impracticality of latex might just be its major strength and guarantee its staying power.

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