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Billboard interviews Dawnamatrix

Billboard has interviewed latex designer Dawn Mostow of Dawnamatrix. Read the full interview here.

Interviews with latex designers in mainstream publications with high readership are always significant as they present an opportunity, not only for the designers in question but for latex clothing in general to be introduced to a new, wider audience. Such interviews often broach the subject of latex becoming mainstream:

There have been dozens of superhero movies, music videos, and fashion collections featuring latex in the 2010’s decade alone.  Latex has been mainstream for a while now, and we’ve reached a level of comfort with the material that sees it incorporated into daily fashion.

And let’s not ignore the part played by the interviews and articles themselves in propagating and repeating this signal that latex = mainstream.


I think the interview is particularly good in that it covers wide ground, including Dawn’s influences, methods, how she began working with latex, and the famous projects she has been involved in. The article doesn’t just skirt over these subjects though, offering such details as design sketches, and exploring Dawn’s history of living and studying fashion in Japan and how this has inspired not just her designs but her design process:

Especially inspiring is how Harajuku fashion represents all of style history existing simultaneously, and the wearers go about daily activities like dining, shopping, and strolling in a park rather than just reserving that fabulous attire for dark nightclubs.

Dawn even offers some practical advice as to how one might follow this Harajuku example and introduce some latex into our daily, casual wardrobe. Because indeed, latex is too fabulous to remain only for the nightclubs:

Latex separates are a great way of incorporating some eye-catching interest into your look, and depending on the fit of the garment and personal preference, latex can be quite comfortable. Leggings, skirts, or even a latex bowtie or collar are a fun way to mix-and-match into your wardrobe.


Despite all this talk of fashion, looking fabulous and eye-catching, she doesn’t lose sight of the principal reason for the enduring popularity of latex staple outfits like catsuits: latex feels fabulous too:

And, of course, bodysuits/catsuits; these are the classic and quintessential latex garments that can transform a human into a super-human!


The best part of all, for me, is that Dawn is given ample opportunity to put into words just what it is about latex clothing that attracts people not only to wear it but also for people like her to make it their career:

It is futuristic, evocative, playful, with visual qualities similar to animation and graphic design. It demands attention and invites questions, while transforming the wearer. I fell in love!

It’s sensual, bold, mysterious, strong, and everything these celebrities represent wrapped up in a garment. It turns heads, and makes headlines. Latex’s look is futuristic and freeing. There’s no lying or hiding in latex. A celebrity visage in latex alludes to an empowering future that is within our grasp.


Below is a video not part of the Billboard article showing off some of the Dawnamatrix raincoats and outerwear from the new Waterproof collection mentioned in the interview: