Welcome to WearLatex.com!

From the About page:

Wear Latex aims to keep you updated about the latex clothing world, highlighting the latest fashions, sharing news of latex featured in the mass media, and shining a spotlight on the newest designs from the best latex designers.

There are lots of sites out there showing off pictures of this daring, sexy material on gorgeous models, both amateur and professional. Bloggers – I salute you! Instead I want to focus on the buying of latex clothes. So whilst I won’t be able to refrain from posting the most stunning latex eye candy, rest assured each time I’ll let you know exactly what’s being modelled, and where you can buy it.

With hundreds of latex designers out there, it’s hard to know what’s available, short of browsing site after site and poring over their entire collections. Whilst this is a fun activity I would recommend to anyone, we don’t all have the time to spare. If this site can aid in finding the item you’ve always dreamed of – or sparking new dreams entirely – then it will have served its purpose.