WearLatex.com: more than a blog

The website was only launched a couple of days ago, but it’s something I’ve had in mind for over 2 years now. I’ve wanted to make a site which would address the main difficulties one runs into when looking to buy latex clothing (drawn from personal experience). Namely:

  • Where can I find specific item x?
  • Is vendor x trustworthy, reliable and supplying good quality?
  • Am I getting the best quality and value for my money at this price range?
  • Which vendors are currently offering promotions and discounts?
  • Where can I find unique and original designs by lesser known latex brands?

I have a couple of strategies for addressing these problems, and some have been in development prior to the launch of the website. In the coming days and weeks the site will be rapidly evolving as I begin to integrate some of these systems. Bear in mind a lot of this is still at the idea stage, and I’m still questioning which are good ideas and which not so good:

A latex clothing search engine: using the power of google to search only the websites of latex clothing sellers as opposed to the whole web. If you search plain old google for a specific item like ‘latex toe socks’ many of the results may be latex wholesalers based in China, youtube videos, or other irrelevant links. A custom search engine would deliver results for shop item pages of the thing searched, and nothing more.

Vendor reviews: the passionate latex loving community maintains several helpful lists of latex vendors elsewhere, but for the uninitiated buyer these can be hard to locate and search, and they don’t present much information about the vendor being linked to. One of the most important things a buyer needs to know before purchasing is other buyers’ experiences, and this might be collected together in an easily accessible format.

Price comparison: buyers want affordable latex, but this shouldn’t come at the expense of quality. Combined with reviews, the buyer can make an informed decision about just what to expect for their money.

Discount updates: there are hundreds of latex sellers, and many of these can be offering discounts and promotions at any given time. It’s hard to keep up to date, when there are hundreds of mailing lists to subscribe to. A website that collected this information together would be a boon.

Item/vendor spotlights: there are always up-and-coming latex designers, and unfortunately many fall by the wayside despite their obvious vision and craftsmanship. If the problem is lack of exposure, I’d love to be able to help address that somehow.

Overall then, the aim of the site is to make buying latex an easier, more exciting process, so that more people might be encouraged to do so, and do so more often. You might call it latex evangelism 🙂