Changes to the site

I haven’t made many updates for a while now, and not from lack of enthusiasm. In truth this is my first website so I’m getting to grips with all of the technologies involved. Also I’ve decided to make two big changes:

1. The name of the website. It’s now Wear Latex. First off, this makes it clearer that the site refers to latex clothing, and not some silly, uninventively named markup language! But specifically if reflects the site’s focus on the wearing of latex, and the search for and buying of latex clothes, and all of the considerations that entails.

2. The site has moved to its own domain. As well as being more memorable, more personal perhaps, using my own domain and hosting allows a lot more customisation so the site can evolve into my final vision.

That final vision is itself evolving, but coming soon is one of the major features I’ve been working on, a latex clothing search engine. Using the power of google, you will be able to search only those websites which sell latex clothes, i.e. search for ‘latex dress’ and every result will be a shop page from various designers. No more irrelevant results, youtube videos, or news articles about Kim Kardashian, just dress after delicious dress available for you to buy.