The Latex Clothing Search Engine

What is it?

A Google Custom Search Engine. But what’s a Google CSE? The creator of a Google CSE feeds Google a list of addresses, and Google uses its powerful search algorithms to comb those websites and only those websites.

If you try searching regular old Google for a specific type of garment, for example ‘latex dress’, only a portion of the results will be links to specific vendors with that garment for sale. The rest of the results may be irrelevant links to news articles, pinterest, youtube, or generic searches on marketplaces such as eBay or Etsy.

google search

Now let’s try the same search for ‘latex dress’ on the latex clothing search engine:


cse search


Now, the results are exclusively shop fronts or item pages, with the vast majority of links being directly relevant to our search. You will also notice how an ordinary Google search separates out image results and places them at the top of the page, whereas the custom search includes each image next to the website from which it’s sourced, giving a nice preview of the item for sale.

Limitations and best practices

Google custom searches are capped at 100 results (10 pages). Unfortunately, this means for searches of common terms, like ‘catsuit’ or ‘skirt’, the bigger brands will dominate the results and smaller designers may even drop off the last page entirely. It’s advisable to use the tabs to filter by geographical location, because filtered searches will still return 100 results. This search engine really comes into its own when using more specific search terms, such as ‘neck entry catsuit’ or ‘pencil skirt’.


With over 300 latex designers and resellers indexed, the latex clothing search engine is a powerful tool to help you find the item of your dreams with less time wasted in the pursuit.

Try it out!