New page launched – Videos!

We are in the rather agreeable position of having simply too much latex video content to report on, whether it be music videos, fashion vlogs, catwalk shows or other clips.

For better or worse, we avoid simply reposting media without adding our own opinion or commentary, and since we haven’t had time to do this it means we haven’t had a good way to share this glut of content with you – until now.

On our new Video page, we have embedded all of the playlists found on our youtube channel. Some of the videos are our own uploads, but the large majority are others’ videos, which we have collected together under appropriate playlists, for example Fashion Shows, Music Videos, Cosplay, and more.

There are hundreds of videos to browse through, but a good place to start is the ‘Latest Videos’ playlist, where we group together all the videos we’ve found in 2018. Also, the ‘Videos We Like’ is a collection of our very favourite clips, each of which may have warranted their own dedicated news posts in less busy times!

Check out the new Video page