Ricci Tauscher Simon O

Latex in public with vlogger Ricci Tauscher

Like Vannessa Pur from a previous post, Ricci Tauscher is also from Germany. Her blog is more travel and activity oriented than fashion, however her unique sense of style is a crucial element in Ricci’s blogging identity. Like Vanessa, she clearly has a love of shiny, smooth and clingy materials, combining them with other textures to once again create that everyday integration of latex into her wardrobe.



Another arrow in the quiver for those wanting more casual latex is to wear clothing with a cut and design just like an item of everyday clothing, such as a t-shirt, but made from rubber. Check out this football shirt Ricci wears, custom-made by Fantastic Rubber:



Or my favourite look, this sporty outfit as pictured in the header image of this post:



I was actually surprised to learn that this outfit is completely from latex, at first thinking the gold hoody was something like satin. It goes to show that not only design but also the choice of colour can make a latex garment seem more or less ordinary. Still, even in black this hoody by Simon O looks like a potential addition to one’s casual wardrobe.


simon o - latex sports hoody


The great thing about Ricci is her natural cheer. She is always smiling, always joyful. This shows us she is having some innocent fun and is quite within her comfort zone.  The confidence with which she wears her outfits in public makes even walking through NYC in a latex jumpsuit seem like the most natural thing in the world!



So if you’re looking for a final tip for wearing latex in public you can do worse than follow her example: make it playful, have fun, and be confident in what you wear. Own it. Act like it is the most normal thing in the world. How we are perceived by others can often depend on how we perceive ourselves.

To end, a compilation of Ricci’s latex style. “Enjoy the shiny side of life…”